SUI Expansions are a reminder for you and your team. You can reach anything! SUI Expansions are symbol for intensity and progress. Think big! SUI Expansions are looking forward to everything that is yet to come. What is your next milestone?

You and I. Everything is amplified and expanded. A painting. Part of us. Integrated in space. It has become part of something larger. It has integrated itself into the whole room. Now, space and artwork are connected. Going beyond the physical, connected spirits, SUI Expansions. A beautiful analogy of art and life. Your hands, your creation, your expansion.

Let's expand ourselves to the world. We are worth it! 

The idea for SUI Expansions was born while meditating. „Usually then the best ideas hit me. It is then that my deepest self speaks up“, says Debora Weisser, thought leader of the SUI community. „Creating this way, I experience a strong sense of liberation. Boundaries fall. New possibilities arise.“

SUI Expansion