A free world full of love" - illusory and beautiful at the same time. This is what Debora Weisser hopes for and reminds us: the most precious things are invisible. The artist makes parts of love visible through art. Visualizing appreciation, sense of community, shared joy, shared values. With her art brand SUI, Debora Weisser creates energies that stimulate and connect.

The artist emphasizes: despite all differences, we are all one. Debora Weisser celebrates this message through the creation of her creations, which often extend several meters beyond the actual edge of the picture, allowing art to merge with space. The so-called SUI Expansions are works of art that become symbols of wholeness and harmony and spread love - the primary goal of Debora Weisser.

"When we do what we love, we are connected to ourselves and to all there is" expresses Debora Weisser, not least in relation to the broad field of human resources management, in particular the motivation and retention of employees. Learn more on this topic here.

The artist works on international art projects that address the question of identity and create connections - between people around the world. These include projects with internationally recognized psychologists, mental and empowerment coaches and authors, which deal with the SELF and personal development from different perspectives. The question in this context is: "What does SELF mean to you?".

How is that possible? Debora Weisser creates art through the exchange of emotions and thoughts with people including her customers. Thus, every creation is the result of a unique, interpersonal experience. Debora Weisser creates her SUI Expansions for and above all together with private households, companies and public institutions and, in addition to the artistic design, also incorporates her methods as a graduated educational scientist.